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Stressed Man

It's not easy being a man in today's culture...

Asking for help is not something that men find easy to do. We are wired to hold our troubles close to our hearts. We are expected to be the protectors, the stable ones, the rocks for other people in our lives. Men don't talk with one another about their true feelings like women do. They hold it all in. Until one day they explode from the pressure. They stay in situations far longer than they need to because they are expected to be the support systems for everyone. People assume they are ok because they pretend to be ok. They are not ok. There is a reason why the suicide rate is 4x higher for men than women. There is a culture of shame around opening up and talking about our insecurities, fears, shortcomings, and failures.

I'm here to tell you that it is time.

It is time to connect.

It is time to talk

It is time to heal.

Let me be your guide in the process to healing these deep generational wounds that All men carry. By doing so you will be lighter, more able to find clarity on your life path, and you will be better to support others once you first learn how to support yourself.

It takes real courage to endeavor to change. Its not always easy. But it is 100% worth it. 

My mission is to bring men together to create a safe place for transformation, change and growth so that they can live authentic and healthy lives.



Are you looking for more mental and physical balance? More energy, clarity, focus, strength and flexibility? At the same time upgrading and rewiring neural pathways in your brain, by removing habits that no longer serve you and implementing ones that do?

"It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live."

~ Marcus Aurelius



Learn about yoga (both physical and mental) and how to heal the body and support injuries and build not only core strength but strength in ALL areas. This 4 week program is a progressive and methodical instruction to yoga for men. These classes will focus on gradually developing flexibility for the inflexible, identifying and building strength and balance in weaker areas, and introducing meditation and breathing techniques to calm the nervous system. This ongoing class is the best place to start if you're NEW to Yoga or even an INTERMEDIATE student, as we will study some philosophies in where we will engage with each other and learn perhaps, some key insights about ourselves. The real Yoga is in the mind and this course will help you dive into those dark corners and swap out dated models of reality for empowering ones that can improve your life exponentially. Yoga begins in the mind and this course will help you dive into those dark corners and swap out dated models of reality for empowering ones that can improve your life exponentially.


Athletics, including hockey, soccer and football players, you name it, make yoga a regular part of their fitness routine to maintain flexibility and to help with or prevent injuries. But it can do so much more than simply heal injuries, it can heal your mind.


What Men are saying about the program...

"Having an introductory 4 week class that speaks to the philosophy and doing of YOGA, is a great way to get into the spirit of yoga. Having Spencer lead with his connections and personal story into this journey to  YOGA is perhaps the best way to find your own groove and make yoga a lifestyle! Loved the feeling of connection with everyone in the course. Also the workbook manual is just reinforces where to go with yoga. A GREAT BEGINNING!"    ~EM     

"The overall structure was great! Introducing the background philosophy with readings and then having group interactions was something I did not expect, but truly found rewarding. Then learning about the faces of our personalities, thoughts and interactions was very enlightening and helped me look closer at myself critically and honestly."   ~ROY

"It was great to be aware of our physical presence externally but also how to observe ourselves inwardly, teaching us how to be in control of our feelings so they don't control us."   ~KEVIN

"It was a physically demanding training which provided me with much-needed exercise, stretching, and controlled breathing which helped me develop mobility, flexibility, strength and awareness."   ~DAVID

Blessed with extraordinary charisma, passion, and honesty, students are drawn to him to learn what makes Spencer … Spencer. He is, however, more than just physically impressive. He is fully aware of his weakness and is grateful for what yoga has done for him.  Fortunately for his students, he is generous and eager to share the story of his journey. This program has taught me that Spencer is stronger spiritually and emotionally than anyone I know. I am inspired and empowered to continue my own journey because of him.”    ~JULIAN   


                         "At the beginning of the classes I wasn't sure that we needed to spend as much time as we did on your question sheets. But I realized, as we went along, that it actually really opened me up for the yoga that followed - it changed it from just being exercise into something that was much more about well being."     ~RANDY

"Spencer struck the right tone with his program. The structure of the classes allowed you the time and space to really be open to the postures. Spencer was never dogmatic, but rather presented the philosophy of yoga in a practical, everyday, manner. The program never felt like just a workout - it was learning a discipline.   ~MARK

Image by Jeremy Perkins


Weekly Support Group for Men

Connect and meet men who are on a similar path of doing the work of healing generational wounds, in a space that is free of judgement.

Spiral Stairs

"For most of all of history all men's lives consisted of work, war and worry. That is what it was, you worked for your family, perhaps you had to go off to war and kill and be killed, and you were definitely worrying about not being able to work to support your family, and worrying about going to war and killing or being killed. So you could say men have been plagued with work and/or worry since the beginning of time. And it still plagues all men today. That a man's fate, apart from being an economic animal, was to grow up and become a soldier, to go to some form place and kill or be killed, or come home tortured or maimed, to lay in bed at night worrying of such horrors. Perhaps more in the modern era men lay in bed worrying about status, wealth, winning, women, success through cultures Frankenstein standards.    

Men today cannot claim their identity via culture because they are obliged to find other uninitiated males as their models or succumb to the empty values of a materialistic society. Again, before healing may begin, men must acknowledge the reality of what lies within."

                                       - James Hollis

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